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  • 化工翻譯的注意事項

    作者:管理員發布時間:2022-06-14 14:40:41瀏覽次數:46


      Chemical engineering is a highly specialized specialty, so translators need to pay attention to many matters in the process of translation. Shanghai Zhenyun Translation Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the matters needing attention in chemical engineering translation:


      1、 Pay attention to the accuracy of words


      As we all know, the characteristics of petrochemical professional literature are concise language and accurate words. Therefore, it is necessary to be concise, comprehensive and easy to understand when engaging in petrochemical public translation.


      Therefore, when translating the chemical industry, the vocabulary is very exquisite, but this does not mean that the selected words should be more gorgeous and fancy. On the contrary, they are self defeating, but they should be accurate, popular and easy to accept.


      2、 Pay attention to the accumulation of chemical professional knowledge


      Chemical industry itself involves many fields, including geological, geographical, physical, chemical, computer and other professional knowledge penetration.


      Therefore, it is necessary to master the knowledge of relevant industries when engaging in the translation of chemical industry, otherwise it is impossible to complete the translation work.


      It can be seen that mastering the knowledge of chemical industry can help translators accurately understand the meaning of the original text, thus making translation more convenient.


      3、 Pay attention to the expression and grammar of the chemical industry


      As chemical articles need to treat things objectively, they often use the third person to describe some scientific theories and knowledge, more passive sentences and less active sentences, so most of these sentences are long sentences, which adds a lot of difficulties to translation.


      In addition, most of the words in the chemical industry are derivatives, compounds and abbreviations. Therefore, in the process of chemical translation, the translator should correctly select the meaning of professional words from the perspective of sentences, paragraphs and the whole article, make rational use of grammatical analysis, identify the main stem and branches (various modifying elements) of the sentence, and know well;


      When necessary, professional translation theories and skills can also be referred to, so as to avoid detours and improve efficiency.


      In short, in chemical engineering translation, in addition to ensuring that the translation is easy to understand and accurate, the language should also conform to logical norms.