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  • 翻譯公司的審校需要注意什么

    作者:管理員發布時間:2022-04-21 23:49:42瀏覽次數:159


      Compared with translation, the scope of revision by translation companies can be said to be more extensive. There are many places that need to be paid attention to. First, the format depends on whether the font is adjusted according to the requirements of customers, and whether the title and proper nouns need to be capitalized or bold. In addition, there is the problem of punctuation. Generally, punctuation in Chinese and English accounts for different characters, so punctuation should be unified.


      The quality of translation by translation companies will directly affect the workload of proofreading. "Proofreading" is more demanding than "proofreading". Generally speaking, the level of proofreaders is higher than that of translators. They can find the mistakes made by translators, as well as the professionalism and accuracy of translation. This is a problem that ordinary proofreaders and translators themselves are unable or unable to find. The "proofreading" of the translation company is to make the final revision and finalization of the translation, review and complete the task.


      The second is the content. After looking at the format of the complete article, finding out the errors and adjusting them, it is necessary to review the most important content, mainly comparing whether there are mistranslation and omission in the original document and the translation, the sentences are not smooth, the logical relationship is not clear and so on.