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  • 標書翻譯有怎樣的特點?

    作者:管理員發布時間:2022-04-17 23:19:47瀏覽次數:151


      Tender translation is characterized by tight time, heavy tasks and high requirements, that is, to complete a large number of translation tasks in a very short time and meet certain quality requirements.


      The translated bid is generally divided into two parts, namely, commercial bid and technical bid. The commercial bid mainly includes the company profile, past performance, various qualification certificates, etc., including legal, financial, management and other contents, while the technical bid is mainly aimed at the technical description, description, equipment and other contents of the project, which will involve the professional contents of relevant industries and will be explained in depth. Therefore, in order to translate the bid well, It is necessary to have the reserve of relevant talents and flexible staffing.